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Vers le niveau supérieur

Head of the Institute

  • Prof. Dr. Claude P. Muller, M.S.


  • Ulla Muller, Carole Weis

Technical Core Facility

  • Oliver Hunewald, Computer Scientist
  • Anke Wienecke, PhD, bioinformatics
  • Vitor Lopés, Nathalie Rodenbour


  • Post-doctoral scientists: Judith Hübschen, PhD, Sandra Gohrbandt, PhD, Nina Lütteke, PhD, Antony Black, PhD, Anna Reye, PhD
  • PhD students: Chantal Snoeck, Linda Theisen, Axel Dubois, Josiane Kirpach Josiane, Wibke Jochum, Fleur Leenen
  • Technicians: Emilie Charpentier, Aurélie Sausy, Regina Brunnhöfer, Stephanie Wolter
  • Trainees and summer students 2012: Eugénie Mustin, Ombeline Hueber
  • Visiting scientists 2012: K Vilivong, S Abiola, G Semeiko, G Bosevska


  • Post-doctoral scientist: Simone Reuter, PhD, Mario Schellenberger, PhD
  • PhD student: Jean-Philippe Bürckert
  • Technicians: Stéphanie Willième, Sophie Farinelle

Neuroendocrine Immunology

  • Post-doctoral scientist: Jonathan Turner, PhD
  • Ph.D. students: Sara Vernocchi
  • Technicians: Stephanie Schmitz

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

  • Technician: Dominique Revets

Perinatal programing and Epigenetics of the Immune System

  • Ph.D. student: Sophie Kirschner
  • Technician: Sophie Mériaux

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