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Surveillance of infectious diseases caused by viruses.

Hepatitis B virus, Human and Avian Influenza Viruses, Measles, Rubella, Parvovirus, Newcastle Disease Virus, other avian viruses, tick-borne pathogens.

The main purpose of these studies is to contribute to the understanding of the geographic distribution, genetic variants (including new variants and genotypes), the variability and the natural history of viruses. These studies provide answers that are important, in the case of human and zoonotic viruses, for public health and virus outbreak control. In the case of veterinary viruses, the main beneficiaries of this research are the farmers, consumers in need of high quality proteins, the veterinary services and animal welfare. These collaborative projects with resource-poor countries include important components, such as (i) training of laboratory staff, academic staff, and of students working towards their degrees; (ii) upgrading of laboratory capacity; (iii) providing expertise in laboratory surveillance; (iv) and academic teaching. In addition, LNSI scientists are in demand as experts and consultants of the WHO, FAO, World Bank, UNDP and EU for the accreditation of laboratories, for supporting local scientists during viral outbreaks, to provide expert-advice to national or sub-national Governments and Ministries for establishing or upgrading outbreak surveillance systems. Virus variants are further investigated with respect to their detectability, cross-protection by existing vaccines, drug resistance mutations and pathogenicity.

Influenza Team

Important areas of research and surveillance include:

  • Immunology and genetic/antigenic diversity of viruses including molecular epidemiology.
  • Public health issues related to infectious diseases in humans (measles virus, rubella virus, parvovirus, hepatitis viruses, influenza virus, respiratory viruses, tick-borne pathogens).
  • Public health and animal welfare issues related to veterinary viruses, in particular avian viruses including avian influenza virus. The Institute is also responsible for the national laboratory surveillance and diagnostic of avian influenza in Luxembourg.
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